Let us surprise you with our romantic and heavenly venues, not only in the sea but also in a sinkhole, terrace, an ocean front chapel and an ocean ballroom with air conditioning; these venues are located in Tulum, Akumal and Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo México, where leyends begin and dreams come true.


The Civil ceremony is the only one that will be valid back at home. The justice of peace will celebrate the ceremony in any of our extraordinary locations in Palaya del Carmen, Tulum and Akumal. According to the nationality of the Bride & Groom the specific requirements will be sent via email.


It’s a non denominational ceremony, only a blessing performed by a Minister where it is mainly spoken about the compromise that exists between 2 human beings to support, love and respect each other. The symbolic wedding is the right choice for couples to celebrate their union no matter what their beliefs are but based on their pure love and commitment. It includes the sand ceremony.


This ceremony is performed by a Pastor, who reads proverbs of the Bible talking about love and marriage, the ritual of delivery of bible, rings, rice and ribbon is done to unite in sacred marriage the Bride and Groom.


This ceremony it’s performed by a Priest, at the end of the nuptial union they will receive an ecclesiastic marriage certificate, it may be performed at a church in the city or in an ocean front chapel.

The requirements for this ceremony are:

• Make all the preparation back at home.
• Ask your Priest to elaborate a disclose letter (we will send you an example) where it is written that you have accomplish all the preparation.
• This type of ceremony may be performed only in a Church or Chapel.


Nowadays there are Maya communities that preserve all their traditions and customs like the Maya Wedding that it’s performed by a Shaman, the ceremony it’s based on rituals that are performed to involve the couple in the mysticism and the Maya believes.

This spiritual ceremony begins with the “Sak’be” that it’s a white walk way that connects them with the mother earth, cleaning the path to the beginning of a new life. The ritual it’s done by asking to the four gods Kukulkan (feather snake), Ixchel (fertility and health), Kinish ahau (sun), Chac (rain) blessings for the couple facing to each cardinal point while it is harmonized with the copal and with white and yellow flowers that symbolize love and union for the rest of their lives.


Mulkinah LGBTTTI Weddings welcomes same sex commitment ceremonies. We will assist you to find a meaningful and lovely ceremony that honors your commitment to each other. We have performed same sex ceremonies for gay couples, Maya Wedding, Civil Ceremony, Symbolic or we create a special ceremony unique as your union. We are dedicated to a personalized service with a high quality experience and guarantee it will be the best day of your life.

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